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Bolgheri Tenuta le Colonne: Vinyasa yoga

The new Vinyasa yoga tour in the vineyards of Bolgheri. Improve your physical and mental wellbeing with a holistic, spiritual retreat among the gorgeous vines of Tuscany

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  • Duration3h.
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Vinyasa yoga between hills and sea: breathe nature, meditate wine

Improve your wellbeing and taste the experience of a unique Tuscany

What do wine and yoga have in common? They are deep multisensory experiences and expand your horizons of wellbeing. This is why Bolgheri has brought the two of them together in an exclusive wine tour for a range of individuals: wine lovers, those who practise spiritual retreats and yoga teachings, and those looking for unique opportunities to withdraw and meditate in Tuscany.

Bolgheri is – and always has been – the ideal location for a yoga retreat, even more from 2021 onwards. Imagine taking part in your first session of Vinyasa flow yoga at Tenuta Le Colonne, in one of the most breathtaking parts of the Bolgheri terroir, with the breeze from the hills at your back and the salty sea air in your lungs.

An all-Tuscan experience – Vinyasa yoga wine tour

Bolgheri is the perfect setting for an outdoor yoga session, in which you can train your awareness, heighten your senses, and taste life and wine in all their richness.

To help you to benefit as much as possible, the tour takes you through three fundamental steps. The first is the Mindfulness: 15 minutes of profound immersion and breathing activities. Your yoga retreat truly begins as soon as you feel part of the hills and the landscape.

The second stage is devoted to the practice of yoga. Everything – the sun, the clouds and the earth – accompanies you towards a new interior destination. This part will unfold over 45 minutes, but you will feel as if you’ve spent a whole weekend in meditation.

By now, you will be ready for the grand finale: a light brunch with wine tasting, in the gorgeous meadow next to the Tenuta Le Colonne enoteca, where you can savor the breathtaking views.

The next Yoga in Tuscany retreat

The peace and silence of Bolgheri is waiting for anyone who is searching for something beyond the simple pleasures of leisure and wine. It’s difficult to explain what you can find here, but in yoga it is defined as “breathing”: something that surpasses the simple action of inhaling and exhaling, and which has everything to do with a deep immersion in life and beauty.


We want all our guests to enjoy the range of experiences that our estates have to offer. For that reason, we ask you to contact us a few days prior to your tour in case of particular needs.



  • Meet your yoga instructor at the Tenuta Le Colonne enoteca
  • Walk through the vineyards
  • Yoga practice in the English garden overlooking the wine shop. The practice will be divided into two parts: Mindfulness, 15 minutes; Vinyasa yoga, 45 minutes.
  • Brunch in the enoteca garden with pastries, bread, fresh fruit, dried fruit and a glass of wine from Tenuta Le Colonne
  • Time: around three hours
  • Wear comfortable clothing and bring your own towel and training mat, if you have one
  • Sanitized training mats and towels are available on request
  • Parking available by the Enoteca
  • Meet ten minutes before the start of the tour at  the Tenuta Le Colonne enoteca
  • Available on booking, up to a maximum of 15 people
  • Tours available May and October at 10am; from June to September at 9am
  • Other availability on request
  • Minimum age limit for participants: 10
  • Not recommended to those suffering from hernias, discopathy or problems with ligaments
  • Booking required at least 24 hours before the start of the activity
  • Cancellation clause: those who are not able to attend their activity will be refunded only if a cancellation email is received within 72 hours of the activity in question


Via Vecchia Aurelia 418, Località Donoratico – 57022 Castagneto Carducci (LI) ITALIA
Wine Shop Tel.:+39 0565 775246 Email: [email protected]

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