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The best wine tours in Chianti Classico.
Discover the best wine tours in Chianti Classico. Enjoy the best wines while visiting the Dievole estate in Chianti Classico. Book your place now!


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  • Vineyard Visit - Dievole Grand Tour

    Dievole Grand Wine Tour

    Mon to Sat

    Our Dievole Grand Wine Tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of our most exclusive wines while you visit our facilities. Book now!

  • Visit Cellars - Dievole Wine Tasting Tour

    Dievole Wine Tasting Tour

    For groups, on request only

    If you’re searching for an authentic Chianti Classico experience to learn about the history and soul of one of the world’s most popular wine regions, we suggest you to book the Dievole Wine Tasting Tour.

  • A unique tasting experience and awakening for the senses to learn to love our “liquid gold”.

  • Monika Filipinska - Dievole Foraging Tour

    Foraging Tour at Dievole


    Foraging Tour at Dievole: wild herb picking and cooking class at Dievole.

  • Picnic Basket - Dievole Gourmet Picnic

    Gourmet Picnic at Dievole

    Thu to Sat

    Gourmet Picnic at Dievole: exclusive Chianti Classico wine tasting and delicious picnic in the vineyards.

  • Calesse - Horse and Buggy Tour at Dievole

    Horse and Buggy Tour

    On request

    Horse and buggy tour at Dievole: a romantic experience in Chianti Classico and a delicious picnic brunch on the riverbank.

  • Dievole Cypress Line Avenue - Passeggiate a cavallo

    Horse Riding Tour

    Every day

    Horseriding at Dievole: an exciting experience in Chianti Classico and delicious picnic brunch on the riverbank.

The best Chianti Classico in every Dievole Wine Tour


Vineyard Visit - Chianti Classico Tours

Dievole Wine Tasting Tour. This Chianti Classico wine tour will introduce you to the local culture and winemaking philosophy in the vineyard and in the cellar before tasting a selection of the finest Tuscan wines.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Expert Tasting. This visit explains how Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil has been made for centuries before tasting our award-winning “liquid gold”.

Gourmet Picnic Tour at Dievole. An original idea for a wine tour in Chianti Classico for romantics. An idyllic lunch outdoors with a delicious menu served in the vineyard after a wine tasting in our wine shop, when you have the opportunity to savour some of our finest labels.

Dievole Grand Tour. For wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts, this is one of the most exciting wine tours in Chianti Classico. Discover the complexities of Tuscany’s most famous appellations and some of the best known terroirs in the wine world: a sensory awakening that ranges from Chianti Classico DOCG to Brunello di Montalcino DOCG and Bolgheri DOC.

Horse riding at Dievole. Adventurers and nature lovers will enjoy horse riding in Chianti Classico on the picturesque trails of the estate’s Natural Path, which wind for 30km around Dievole. Savour a delicious picnic halfway along the route in the beautiful setting of the picnic areas by the Arbia River. Taste Dievole’s wines at our wine shop on the way back.

Horse and buggy tour at Dievole. Book this unforgettable horse and buggy tour along our Natural Path if you’re looking for a romantic experience and a Chianti Classico wine tasting, where you can savour the soul of one of the world’s best-loved wine regions. The tour includes a delicious picnic brunch on the banks of the Arbia River. Stop at our wine shop on the way back, where our sommeliers will share their secrets about the poetry of the wines of Dievole.

Foraging Tour at Dievole. This foraging tour will prove a memorable experience if you love nature at its most pristine, the unmistakable aroma of wild herbs and food that’s wholesome and flavorful. You’ll learn how to gather wild herbs and cook them as well as finding out which herbs grow in the terroir of Dievole and appear in the estate’s red wines and extra-virgin olive oil before tasting the dishes made at the cooking class.

Best Chianti Classico Wine Tours


Picnic Basket - Chianti Classico Tours

Few places in the world evoke beauty and finesse like Chianti Classico. Very few estates successfully blend history, passion and planning like Dievole. More than 900 years of activity and 600 hectares in Chianti Classico are an extraordinary achievement for our winemaking and olive growing. This is why we offer some of the best wine tours in Chianti Classico.

Wine tasting experiences in Chianti Classico

We have created some exclusive wine tasting experiences in Chianti Classico so that you can savour everything that this land has to offer.

The Dievole Wine Tasting Tour and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Expert Tasting will introduce you to our production philosophy, allowing you to taste the wines we produce in Chianti Classico and our extra-virgin olive oils. The Dievole Grand Tour is aimed at wine connoisseurs, setting off on an exploration of the best Tuscan appellations, visiting our vineyards and elegant cellar before tasting our most exclusive wines: Gran Selezione Chianti Classico DOCG, Brunello di Montalcino DOCG Riserva and Bolgheri DOC Superiore. Nature lovers can do a tour of the Dievole estate on horseback or in a buggy, stopping for a brunch picnic by the river, or enjoying a foraging tour and cooking class with a themed lunch at our Novecento restaurant and a gourmet picnic in the vineyard at one of the most scenic spots on the estate.

Any activities that don’t include a culinary offering can be supplemented with an unforgettable lunch at our Novecento restaurant. Our chef Monika Filipinska will delight your taste buds with elegantly restyled traditional Tuscan fare. The garden adjacent to the historic villa is the perfect setting with views over the estate’s vineyards and the Chianti Classico hills.

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